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The only known picture of Desiree Lee.

Desiree Lee is a female furry artist that got originally involved in the furry genre by drawing parody artwork .Since then she has gone on to producing her own original artwork with characters designed either by her, or her friend Jim Hardiman.

A college graduate, she currently works in an art-related field (information about her job, schooling and/or real name is highly guarded).


Desiree's character is some sort of lizard, apparently intended to be a chameleon to judge by its constantly changing colors.

Parody works[edit]

Her first parody website is still up and running, although it hasn't been updated in years. This is due to two things:

  1. She wanted to get away from parody art, and
  2. She had a falling out with the webmaster of the site. [citation needed]


Stop hand.png The factual accuracy of this section is disputed. (discuss)

A rumor has been thoroughly pushed around and discussed that Desiree Lee is in fact fictional, and merely an alter-ego of Jim Hardiman himself. Various pieces of evidence have been put forth to support this view such as:

  • Virtually indistinguishable art styles, even taking into account the claims that Jim trained her.
  • Lack of any person that can attest to ever having met Desiree in person, even those who are usually extremely close to Jim. However, Cigarskunk claims he met her at a con years ago.
  • Desiree's enraged reactions to being accused to of not being real, which she responds to by threatening to post some bit of personal information to confirm her identity, which never comes to being as Jim "handily shows up to calm her down" and "talk her out of it."

This allegation has slowly been propagated over the years through forums, mailing lists, and lately, through image boards such as 4chan, Onechan or Sidechan[1], but it has never been adequately proved and/or refuted.

  • In a phone conversation furry author Chris Yost had with with Jim Hardiman in 2005, he stated that Desiree Lee is in fact a real person, and their relationship is much closer than simple friends and fellow artists. He went on to say that that he does not invite her to furry conventions due to her short temperament.

Current projects[edit]

These, most notably By The Tail, can be found on


  1. An example where this assertion is brought forth in a discussion.