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Derrick's Llama Fursona.

Derrick Lesters, also known as derricklesters2009, is a furry artist, fursuiter, and musician who resides in Owasso, Oklahoma, USA. He works in law Enforcement.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Lesters is the president of the Tulsa Area Furs (TAF), a furry fundraising group for an exotic animal rescue organization.

His current fursuit is Samuel Blackpaws, a German shepherd created by the Menagerie Workshop, which he will play drums with it. His former one was Harley Husky, a partial wolf/husky mix suit.


Derrick Lesters' fursona is a Llama.

Convention attendance[edit]


Samuel Blackpaws and Kova Wolf playing a rock drum and bass duet

When not working with TAF, he delves with his artwork, where he uses strictly Microsoft Paint to color his digital work. He is also an avid filmmaker, music writer, and a beginning animator.

"Derrick Lesters" is the drummer for furry Metalcore band, A Dozen Dead Furs. Derrick also has a solo "band" called Maggots Under Matted Fur, which falls under the death metal genre.

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