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Dennis Pawers (also known as DennisP) is a German furry artist. He is currently one of the furry gallery paysite, SexyFur, paid artists contributors. Some of his guest art can be found on such sites as, on Pleasure Bon Bon and the Hot Bunny Comic Gallery, and he was one of the two furry artists to help graphically in the making of the documentary, Behind the Mascot, along with female furry artist, Lis "Lizardbeth" Boriss.

He currently lives in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.



A war of words developed between Pawers and Canadian furry artist Charles Davies, when the later, along with some of Davies friends, accused him of ripping Davies' style completely[1][2]. Due to this, Davies pulled all his art from the net. Pawers agreed to change his art style after direct talks with Davies.[3]


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