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Author(s) DemonWareXT
Status Online
Launch date 2012
Genre Mature image board
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Delicious, also known as Delishbooru, is a furry and manga danbooru-style imageboard. The site is coded with MyImouto, a port of Moebooru to PHP and MySQL.


Delishbooru was initially created in the summer of 2012 by DemonWareXT as a more easy and accessible way to present his collection of art to the public. Initially at, it moved to its own domain in January 2013.

Posting guidelines[edit]

Mature content is automatically restricted from unregistered users since the owner believes that NSFW should be opt in, and not opt out.[citation needed] Images with known licensing issues are prohibited.

There is also a strict quality control imposed on all uploads. The quality guidelines are enforced as follows:

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