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The Delaware Furbowl is a monthly event hosted by The Furst State. The event sometimes draws over 200 people from the tri-state area and beyond; with the average number of attendees at about 150. The largest Furbowl to date was Furbowl 47, which drew 215 attendees. A notably large event, the Furbowl has ranked as high as number 39 on the worldwide list of furry conventions and furmeets.


The Furbowl began as a way to relieve Post-con depression after Anthrocon 2008. A relatively small group of 12 made it out to Brunswick Blue Hen Lanes in Newark, Delaware on Monday, June 30, 2008. The location changed over to the current AMF lanes in Wilmington, Delaware in August for the second meet up.

The Delaware Furbowl did not become an official, monthly meeting until it's seventh instance on August 1st, 2009.

Measures have been established to assure attendees and staff of a smoothly run evening. A monthly calendar is available for scheduling. An RSVP page is set up before each meet. Forums are readily available for members to communicate before and after the meet.

At Furbowl 24, the meet leadership introduced several improvements, including a headless lounge for fursuiters to change and cool off in, and badges that are stamped to track Furbowl attendance for the year. At Furbowl 28, the staff began implementing themes for each meet. Examples of themes used so far include Pirates, My Little Pony, and Jersey Shore.

At Furbowl 47, the meet organizers discontinued the dinner portion of the meet. Cici's Pizza, home to the dinner portion of the meet for over a year, closed, and a suitable alternative could not be found.


The Delaware Furbowl is a monthly event established and organized by lead administrator of The Furst State, Kitt3ns. The white tiger arranges the reservation of a proper number of lanes at the bowling alley. He also handles questions or comments relating to the meet.

Assistance for the maintenance of the Furbowl is given by LupineSpark, Luna Cervere, Reaux, Fawks Beaumont, Cid, Sapphy, and others. LupineSpark, Reaux and LupineSpark run the cash payment table at the event. The cash handling job quickens the pace of sign-in and allows cash-paying attendees to obtain their bowling shoes more quickly. It also eases the stress on the bowling alley staff, as the Furbowl attracts a large volume of cash-paying customers.

Location and time[edit]

  • Wilmington, DE
  • Saturdays in the final half of each month

2015 Dates[edit]

The current dates set for 2015 are:

  • 56: February 21st - Theme: Everything's bigger in Texas! (Furry Fiesta Feb. 20-22)
  • 57: April 25th - Theme: Far Out Furbowl (Hippies!)
  • 58: June 27th - Theme: Grease Monkeys
  • 59: August 22nd - Theme: Red Carpet Class - The one to wear your nice suit to.
  • LX (60): November 7th - Theme: Ancient History!

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