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Dazkaj9 [dazkaʒ] (otherwise known as AXL, ダΣK@JIX and Д@ζカjIX) is a furry artist who uses both traditional and digital media. He also does some story writing and role-play. Also known for his blatant self-promotion and pretentiousness, refusing to call himself an artist because he is not using his work for self-expression.

what a nerd!

He joined deviantART on June 1, 2008 and Furaffinity on June 5, 2008.


He became a furry after being exposed to secondlife by Vampkoolaide Zerbino in April, 2008 and lurked on sites such as yiffstar for 3 months until he decided that it was time to start contributing to the fandom he so adored, and on May 14, 2010 he received his 3000th pageview on his deviantart site. On February 3, 2010, he announced that he was going to take art classes at a local community college.

Original characters:[edit]


a trans dimensional, shape-shifting being with distinctive markings, usually depicted as an anthro folf but has other forms.


a dog-cat-chameleon hybrid with musical and pyrotechnic skills


a bloodsucker with a mostly human body, but bat wings instead of arms and bat ears


a leopard


a cyberpunkcyborg


a black cat with a nerdy streak

Fan characters:[edit]


a BLU spy from TF2


a RED pyro from TF2


Wolf O'Donnell's granddaughter in his Starfox Fanfiction JAKL

Other Characters[edit]

He has also designed characters based on real people, such as Ken D., Jana, and Sherajie

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