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Davuu (born October 18)[1] is a furry artist who resides in Kent, southeast England,[2] with her partner, Rakhan. Her fursona is a cheetah.[3]


Davuu belongs to a family of artists.[4] Her grandfather was the captain of a Navy ship called the HMS Knight Errant. He used to travel the world, drawing and painting as he travelled. Davuu's family have in their possesion a number of his works, from seascapes to scenes of Chinese villages painted on wood. His father (Davuu's great-grandfather) had watercolours in the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Following in the family tradition, Davuu pursued her passsion for art by taking a foundation course at college, to broaden her knowledge and acquire new skills.[4] She achieved the highest qualification, which led her to specialise her skills at university in Wales. She took a degree in Art and Design, and later followed this up with a Masters Degree.

As of April, 2013, Davuu is a freelance artist, training to be a teacher.


Tiger Eyes by Davuu
Davuu Sunset

Davuu mostly draws animals and fantasy work, preferring the traditional media of watercolours and pencil to more modern digital methods.[4] She draws both cartoony and realistic art.


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