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David R. Dorrycot is a writer.

Naorhy, is the private web site of Mr. David R. Dorrycott, who was once known as Lord Rees (S.C.A. title) in the 1990's. This site contains the majority of his work, including two books. There is no charge to visit the site.

Secret Adventures of the I.S.I.C., a human alternate reality collection of short stories that barely hold together.

In the Time of Oharu, set in Mr. Ken Fletchers Spontoon Island Shared World and follows the life of a Cipangu (Japanese) Miko as she is set on a path not of her choosing.

Among the stories available are both Anthromorphic and Human subjects. As the site also hosts Mr,. Fredrick Andersson’s art archive, it is rated mature.

Naorhy refers to a female dominated Lynx based race that has just discovered faster that light travel. The word is a combination of the Japanese name Nao, for Nao Suzuki, a pen pal Mr. Dorrycott once had. Rhy comes from Rhys, a Welsh derivative spelling of Mr. Dorrycott’s middle name (Reese.) The word Naorhy was first penned in 1985 and later used for a FidoNet site, Naorhy Republic Imperial.

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