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David Cooke (born June 1965, Coventry, England) is a wolf therian who has been active in furry circles since 1997, and was a frequent poster to the newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry. David has a bachelor's degree in computer engineering (University of Manchester, 1987).

David uses the alias Dingotush online in reference to one of Manchester's dog people from the book Vurt.


David became interested in fursuiting after seeing Crunch at the Minnesota Timberwolves inaugural season while working on a semi-custom ASIC at VTC. He currently has one completed fursuit:

Kibble is a husky created by Blackfire for Rakhan, and first appeared as Mush at Further Confusion 2004. Subsequently he has been modified by Sandroo and David and debuted in his current form at the Spiritfurs canal meet in 2006. He's subsequently been seen at Eurofurence 12 (worn by The Utlah), and Further Confusion 2007.

Conventions and Meets[edit]

Web Rings[edit]

David has adopted and maintains two web rings: Furlife highlights sites that deal with furry lifestyle issues, and The fursuit ring which focuses on fursuiting.


David was active on the Portland Pattern Repository Wiki, an early CGI based wiki for design patterns, anti-patterns, and extreme programming. Recognising the value of Wikis in collecting and organising knowledge at work (one of which used artwork from Chris Goodwin) he started the Furlife Wiki in June 2002 in an attempt to gather the regulars of alt.lifestyle.furry's knowledge. It was an idea before it's time, Wikis were still unknown outside of the developer community and Wikipedia had yet to popularise the technique. The system was taken offline in January 2005 following an exploit to the Twiki code.

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