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Data is a character in Extinctioners.

Data is a S.I.M. (Sentient Interactive Mouse), one of many types of "Techmice" enginered for various technological support purposes. Her primary function is to act as a data base avatar and data retrieval. She lives in cyberspace and the V-Net (Virtual Reality Network). Many believe she's just a computer program, but in reality she's much more.

Her Hybrid power is the ability to transform her body into an electrical form that allows her to transfer herself inside of the computer.

She lives (or is trapped) inside of Micro's computer glove. Micro has cybernetic brain components that allows him to "Jack Up" into the V-net, and Data acts as his assistant for finding things on the data orb he recovered from a human camp. While she seems very mechanical in behavior, she has lately been showing some signs of emotions towards Micro.

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