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Dat Boi Mika, or just Mika (real name: Emma Marie James Scott Hamlett Barnes Pelegri), is a furry artist, fursuit maker, and fursuiter from Iowa City, Iowa, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

She started making fursuits at the age of 12. She is a member of the LGBT community, and many of her online posts show her pride. Residing mostly on the social media site musical.ly, she has recently reached 3000 fans.[citation needed]


Mika's fursona is a female Parvadraco, an original species of her own.


  • Mika: a female dragon from outer space, Saturn to be specific. She came to Earth because of war on her home planet. After years of being on earth, she met her mate Michelangelo, and ended up having two kids by the name of Tobu and Rinka. She appears as a small 3' 11" black, white and orange dragon. Her talents consist of drawing, and mocking sounds.
  • Skittles: an undead husky-peacock mix who holds a unknown background. They have no gender (they/them pronouns) and spend most of their time sleeping or lurking in the shadows. Their talents consist of eating and sleeping.
  • Pride: a bat-hyena hybrid. He is a spirit and represents love and acceptance. He appears in situations where these aspects are needed, and he makes people feel both emotions. He is gay.


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