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Dasher Skywere, also known as Boopfish (real name Liam Wills),[1][2] is a fursuiter who resides in Plymouth, England, previously from Farnborough.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Skywere first joined the furry fandom in May 2011. He has been a staff member at Confuzzled 2017 and 2018 as part of the registration team,[citation needed] and has appeared in a small handful of Damn Dog Games furry YouTube channels videos, primarily convention vlogs.[citation needed]


Skywere’s fursona is a grey wolf. His chest and bottom sections of his legs are a slightly lighter grey than the rest of the fursona's body. His eyes are light green, pink tongue, and a shiny black nose.

Dasher Skywere was retired during the commission of his second and third fursuit purely as a personal choice, at this point the fursona and suit design was changed to those currently in use. His name was simply shortened to “Skywere” following the confusion of being linked to the MLP franchise.

Some of his favorite foods include pancakes, cottage pie, mac n cheese, and sushi. His least favorite food is broccoli and marmite (British item).


  • Dasher Skywere 1.0 – Fursuit was a complete fullsuit built by Apes Fursuits in for Confuzzled 2014 reveal. This suit followed the original blue fursona design.
  • Skywere 2.0 – This suit was a second fullsuit created by Kilcodo Costumes from California, United States. It was completed and delivered on the second day of Confuzzled 2016. This was the first suit to use the grey wolf fursona design and has been the main suit for public appearances until today.
  • Skywere 2.1 – This suit was a partial suit created by Blue Fox Fursuits from London, United Kingdom. This suit was commissioned solely for non-public appearing activities and has been the primary suit to appear on Skywere’s currently locked AD Twitter.

Convention attendance[edit]


Though Skywere has not joined YouTube directly himself, He has appeared in several of Damn Dog Games youtube channels videos. These have primarily been vlogs for those conventions were Corey and Skywere have attended, as well as smaller vlogs such and those for the couple acquiring Luna (a siberian husky) and Pup (a german shepherd), the couples two dogs, and such livestreams as the "disgusting food challenge" in 2019.


Liam Will's was arrested on (date unknown)[citation needed] after officers found 1,335 child porn photos and videos on his computer during a house sweep when they arrested his father, Stephen Gorham, a former volunteer police constable, for also child porn.[3] Liam Will's was caught because detectives investigating the allegations against his father had seized all the computers in the house – including his own personal laptop – and then found the images on his hard drive.

Police said that although while both men lived at the same flat in Totland Close, Farnborough, and both were caught with the indecent images on their computers, it appeared that there was no connection between the two offenses.

When interviewed by police, Will's had admitted downloading the images but said he had then realized the seriousness of what he had done and tried to "distance" himself from his actions by deleting the files. Peter Asteris, defender, said the seriousness of Will's actions had been brought home to him since he and his family had been forced to leave their home in Totland Close and were currently living in temporary accommodation. “He simply wishes to say he is sorry and it will not happen again,” Mr. Asteris said.

Judge Barnett said that the offenses Will's admitted were "serious":

Dasher Skywere
Anyone who indulges in the downloading of this sort of material – particularly the level four material – will find themselves on the wrong end of a prison sentence because society understandably is concerned as to this sort of exploitation,” the judge said.

Having said that, your client has no previous convictions, he is young, and it seems to me that if there is to be a prison sentence, it should be suspended.

Dasher Skywere

Liam was finally sentenced on (date unknown)[citation needed] to just four months in prison, suspended for a year, while his father was jailed for eight months. The judge also ordered that Will's laptop computer containing the illegal images should be destroyed, and told him he would have to sign onto the Violent and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR) for five years.[citation needed]


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