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Darrell Benvenuto founded Med Systems Company as a Sole Proprietorship in 1983, which was reorganized as Med Systems / Vision Entertainment, Ltd., a New York State Corporation, in 1996. This company, better known as the Vision Entertainment Group, produced Animation, Published Books, Comics and Magazines and also provided Software Development services.

Vision published The American Journal of Anthropomorphics, as well as dozens of furry books, magazines, cookbooks and comics. The American Journal of Anthropomorphics was one of the premier showcases of Furry art and Artists throughout the 1990's, and the first of its kind to attempt to reach a wider market and to generate business for its body of contributors from Advertising Agencies and Promotional Firms. Also included within The American Journal of Anthropomorphics were 2 stories. Peacock, which appeared in Volume 1, and Tales from the Reservation which appeared in three parts in Volumes 1 - 3.

Mr. Benvenuto has previously been a special guest at ConFurence, where he has sat on various panels.[1][2][3] He has also given keynotes on the declining state of the comic industry as a whole, and its ramifications for the independent comic market.[citation needed]

Mr. Benvenuto had also been involved in founding the (now defunct) nationalcarrierexchange,


At least two artists, Tiina Purin and Woodlander, have stated that they did not receive payment for work done for Wintervision Graphics.[4][5] There have also been allegations of delayed payments. [6]

There are also questions concerning his story "Tales from the Reservation". According to Darrell, the only copy of the story was destroyed in the attacks of 9/11, and that is why it was not completed. However, as the story was notably absent from Issue #4 of the American Journal of Anthropomorphics, which was published in 1997, it is debated[who?] whether he is simply using the attacks as an excuse.


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