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Darksoul is the character of Roberto Jenkins . Roberto lives in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. Darksoul, created in 2001, is a Wolf-Dragon hybrid character, a mercenary for hire.


Darksoul was born Rockaway Ralarare in Brooklyn, New York, to a wolf mother and dragon father. His early childhood was pretty average with his intelligence exceeding most at the preteen age. However, when his father saw that he was becoming more and more canine, Rockaway was crucified and left to die in an alleyway in the Bronx. He had lost all hope and accepted his death, but his true power awakened. He had emerged as more than a furry hybrid. He was a celestial hybrid as well being half angel and half dark angel. However, he was forever plagued with a cybernetic arm from his father's experimentation. But he was soon approached by his younger brother Rex "Darky" Ralarare.

Years later when he hit his his late teens, he wandered in the area of Virginia where he met a female tabby cat by the name of Ahmose Miw. Known as the queen of the area, he challenged her to a battle and won, but not without sustaining a long gash on his chest. Since then Dark found himself at peace, and returned to his name of Rockaway. Ahmose and Rock to this day keep in touch regularly as mates.

Current Appearance[edit]

Rockaway is a bit unique in his dragonwolf setup because his head, arms, and torso are that of a wolf while his legs tail and feet are that of a dragon. His left arm is cybernetic and his right arm is outfitted with a mystic gauntlet. Though he is normally seen in torn patched up jeans and a hoodie, Rockaway is also known to be seen with his shirt off and the gash from the Ahmose battle.

Current Doings[edit]

At this time Roberto has gathered a team of furs to created the biggest furry fanservice game for the PC. He calls the game the "Fur Flying Stadium" and boasts a roster of 48 furs. The game is still in the development stages and the sprites and programming will begin in April 2008. You can get updates from Temporary Homepage

Life Style[edit]

Roberto lives as a student by day and a hardcore professional Fighting gamer by night. His tag names in the gaming community are Sabrerob and Jon Badwolf. He specializes in the King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, and Mortal Kombat games. He loves going to Chinatown to fight in the arcades. Though in the arcades he plays the Rumble Fish 2 more than anything. He was a big hit at FA:United 07 with the $50 King of Fighters 98 Challenge.


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