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Darkmaster (born February 6, 1995, also known as Dark, DarkWolf, DarkW or DW and less commonly known as Sting or STT) is a furry roleplayer and game master originally from Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada who is currently living outside Marmora, Ontario, Canada near friend and fellow furry Wolfmaster. He partakes in writing fiction and roleplaying (as mentioned previously), and is experimenting with music composition and mixing. He is almost completely nocturnal, much like his fursona, often remaining awake through the night and into the next morning working on various things. Also among his pastimes is playing PlayStation (his PSN ID is StingReay1) and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC as his Khajiit character. He is straight, and against the various stereotypes thrown against furries in general.

Line art reference for Dark. Cleaned up from a sketch drawn by Valdin at Fur Affinity.

Dark's main fursona is a seven foot six inch winged vampiric grey wolf with which he shares his name. Among his other fursonas are another vampire, who is an arctic wolf with ice-blue colored hair and watery-colored eyes named Jude, and a robot-hating panther who goes by the name Parker.

General musings[edit]

Dark busies himself with many things, but the main three spare-time activities are that of stick-figure animation, forum roleplaying and making his own style of music he has called Errorcore -- so named because it features Windows 98-7 error sound samples as the predominant lead instruments.

As an animator -- software, et cetera[edit]

Main Animation Software: Stykz by Sons of Thunder Software. Default resolution of 960 by 540 -- half-resolution 1080p.

Editing/Post-processing: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, Macromedia Flash MX, DivX Plus Converter (for large exports).

Figures for Stykz: Too many to list individually. Uses both Droidz.org mega packs, as well as some others.

As a gamer and roleplayer[edit]

Dark is an avid gamer, having owned at least one of the past two generations of Sony and Nintendo consoles, preferring to stay well away from Microsoft's "pay more" model for Xbox Live. He's also fairly active on Steam despite owning very few PC games. Again being the outspoken type, he hates the slander thrown against the PS3 and in the PC world, AMD graphics chips -- the latter originating from people he has termed "nViditrolls" on the Steam Users' Forums due to their only ever owning nVidia graphics chips and being naturally biased towards them.

He is mainly seen roleplaying on a web site he runs, ZEJ Roleplaying, and in a chat room on the popular (but slow) Chatzy service under the name Furry. A roleplayer in various forms for his whole life, slandering his characters will most likely result in him ranting at you about false claims.

As a musician[edit]

Dark hasn't been producing music for as long as some, but already he has his own style, dubbed Errorcore, which draws its name from its lead instruments -- various generations of Windows error sounds. Originally created to satirize the way his computer ran into frequent STOP error screens (also known as the dreaded Blue Screens of Death), it quickly evolved into his current method of composition. Inspired by other famous error sound pieces like Error News and this piece (name unknown), he dove right in, and is cracking the code of composition.

Dark primarily uses FL Studio 10 and occasionally Cubase 5 for composition, mixing and master, and a wide variety of plugins and soundfont, including but not limited to FL-native plugins Harmless and Fruity Soundfont Player, as well as VSTis like Steinberg Virtual Guitarist, EDIROL Super Quartet and Synth1. Soundfonts are too numerous to list.

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