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DarkWolfBlade Logo, Created by DarkWolfBlade himself.

DarkWolfBlade, under DarkWolfBlade Studio Productions (real name Cameron N. Miller) is an American writer, artist and an occasional photographer in the United States. His fursona is a Wolfix Vara. He's also known as KuraiOokamiHa, Darkstacy, TrioChaosWolves and Nyoko Wolfe or NyokoWolfe.


DarkWolfBlade was born in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, United States, the son of Robert Eugen Miller. He has four brothers and two sisters. He later on graduated from Lake City High School in 2009 only later to attended the North Idaho College in pursuit of becoming a chef through the culinary program only later on to drop out to pursue a different career study program. Among his first jobs was a Dishwasher and Buser at Mongolian BBQ . He would later on become laid off due to slow business around August 2010. A couple of years later during the Spring of 2012, he would soon earn the title as a Cashier through Carl's Jr only to be later promoted as a Head Cashier and Prep Cook. He attributes his lifestyle from his family working ethics where working hard is only the beginning from a wide historic background. He is an avid fan of Beetlecat and enjoys spending time with his long time mate.


He is an active artist and writer through out the internet. Originally started back in August 2006 through [deviantART], he soon made his way through the online streaming world with his various types of genre based artwork and writings. While majority of his artwork is through Digital, he has been producing some traditional works and also some photography pictures to this very day. He generally writes literature or reviews of events while trying to make due with the time he has available.

Few of his works in the past have been testing and studying practices through High School and College to improve his style and technique, which have caused few people have made a few accusations against him or have pointed out a few things. However he has stated many times about how some of his works were study techniques or the testing of his new software applications under software such as Paint.net or Manga Debut and also doesn't really actually care about some of their opinions. He later on started posting up some of his sketches up to prove forward that majority of his art has been done by his own hands through a HP All in One Scanner or by the use of a Camera.

In the past he has developed a few forum based website such as The Anthro Lounge (No Longer Running) and the Furry Dating Service.

His skills and practices are unique and distinctive. He accepts Art commissions on a limited basis.

Wolfix Vara[edit]

A Wolfix Vara, also known as a Vara, ""Wolvara"" and "Varolf", is a fictional anthropomorphic species, made up of a rare breed that is genetically a wolf with imitative Fox Traits or other animal traits and also has trans-dimensional travel and transformational qualities. They have no fox genetics. In real life, these types of abilities that of manipulation of trans-dimensional travel is science fiction.

A Wolfix Vara can show physical characteristics of a Wolf with trickery markings, but does not contain fox blood. Their eyes are either Red or Black with a luster of white. They only have a few forms of coloring upon their fur coats which is red, brown, black and white. However there has been some slight mix ups with this species, many people argue that they are Folfs in which case that isn't the truth. Further more a Wolfix Vara can also portray other animal species pending on personality and lineage.

This species was created by DarkWolfBlade and has been a trademark of his literature and artwork. He has stated, "The issue is that many people think they can just go out and classify my fursona species as a Folf. I have stated many times in the past that Wolfix Varas are basically like the Viceroy Butterfly mimicking the Monarch Butterfly's wing color scheme. We are just mocking Foxes and other animals. I designed the species to be unique on it's own accord with the succession of being a shape shifter and that of something high tech from science fiction. The prefix ix and the word vara have many meanings in various languages."

Online presence[edit]

Active through Facebook under countless Furry related and personal pages such as FAQ About Furries, Furry Crisis Center, Furry Dating Service, Furry Role-playing, Furry Armed Forces, DarkWolfBlade and DarkWolfBlade Studio Productions. He can also be found at many websites which of the following include deviantART, FurAffinity, Twitter, IMVU, ect.

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