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DD563 dragon side
DD563 wolf side

DarkDragon563 is Malaysian artist, born October 4, 1990 .His old name was graydragon02 and also know as Ridzuan Rusman, the creator of D-TACTOR series[1]. So far there had 3 series , currently the release a bit slow due his personal work.

Fandom involvement[edit]

DarkDragon563 also knows as DD563 as his short name, DD563 doing a lot improvement work since he using tablet for drawing. Before , he only using a paper and then scan using scanner. He also experience making manga art, illustrator art and also cell colouring art. For almost 9 years , he already make more than 3000 art. He first appearance as graydragon02 when he joining Deviantart in 2006 and Furaffinityin 2009 . He starting doing comic call Digimon D-Tactor in 2008 and end the series in 2010. For the second series call D-Tactor Dragon Riders, the series was originally 100% anthro and furry character, many his friend join the series, the series was first made in July 2010 and still on going until now. For the third series called D-Tactor Fatal Force shall be made in 2015.

Currently, DD563 make resolve to defeat NG art ( NULL GHOST ) , the reason was to improve and motivated himself in artwork. He also started to involving in UTAU.


DD563 fursonas was black/gray dragon with a scar on his face, the scar that represent 3 diamond that had is own meaning , such as BELIEVE, HOPE , and COURAGE. DD563 also had his wolf side and tiger side with same colour on his fur and he can switch between dragon or wolf or tiger.

Comic Series[edit]

There is three series that he been made and planned to made;

Digimon D-Tactor[edit]

DD563 was a big fan of digimon series, specially character of Wargreymon , Exveemon and Cyberdramon. Then he decide to make a stories about a boy who lost his partner. Riz is the main character and his partner was exveemon, the story line was a bit confuse and get a lot of critique from many people , specially the stories is almost like yugioh. The series was start release in 2008 and end in 2010 with 51 episode. Then in 2012, DD563 decide to remake the series and wanna give the better story line[2]. So far, when he try to release first episode, there is many positive view than before.

D-Tactor Dragon Rider's[edit]

DD563 created this based from his real life and adventure in his dream. Ryuzin Voltex is the main character , a blue dragon who wearing a goggle on his head, is a thieve that steals for living, until one day Ryuzin got weird mission and some accident happen on Ryuzin's life that change everything. This series got so many critique based from story lines and the quality on art. The series is also rated as 18x since there is some mature scenes . This series is completely 100% about anthro and furry.[3] The series began on July 2010 and still on going until now.

D-Tactor Fatal Force[edit]

July 2014, DD563 decide to make another series that involving hunting a demon, werewolf, and vampire. The draft for the first chapter is already made call "The Book Of Lycan"[4] . The series shall be release in 2015.


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