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Dardo (born November 25, 1993)[1] is a Portuguese furry artist who lives in Lisbon.[2] His fursona is a red "Spartan fox", a species he created himself. He has a distinctive white stripe running from his nose to his forehead and white stripes near his wrists[3]


Dardo joined the furry fandom in 2009, after being introduced to it by a friend on deviantART. He has since attended several Portuguese furmeets and opened a FurAffinity account

Current day[edit]

Currently taking a 2D/3D Animation course, Dardo hopes to finish his course with excellence and gain a good place on the working market.


Dardo's main artwork revolves around his comic "Daybreak"[4] which was published on a small portuguese sci-fi comic book called "Graphite" by GBS.[5].[citation needed] Set in a distant and alternate universe, it's made up of several races each one having their perks and abilities. The story is focused on the main character, Dardo Foxray, who is fighting alongside his friends for the U.R. -The cooperation of armies

Apart from this main comic, Dardo also accepts commissions, occasionally draws without particular context and uploads part of his school work on FA. His work for school also includes animations which he uploads on his Youtube channel


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