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Danny and the two versions of his fursuit

Danny (a.k.a. Danny Lauderdale) is a Brazilian furry and fursuiter. His fursona is an overweight foxroo with brown, black and white fur.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now living with his wife Patsy Purrfect in Santos, Brazil, Danny started attending fandom activities in 2012, when he joined the Furry Brasil forums website. Discovered the furry fandom through internet searches on mascots and costumes of characters for children's parties, while still a member of a comedy group based in Youtube.

He is an admirer of the fursuiting art and Fat Furs related stuff.

His first appearance was at Invasion Furry Furgames furmeet in 2013. In the next year, he founded with other furries and fursuiters Furboliche, a furry bowling event, and in 2016 helped founding Brasil FurFest, first hotel-based furry convention in Brazil. In 2018, Danny joined the staff of Megaplex convention.

The name of his fursona was originally spelled as "Dannye". The surname "Lauderdale" used often, is a tribute to the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where his real life family used to have a vacation house in the early 2000s.


Sally during a Halloween event in Brazil
  • Danny Lauderdale - Still in 2012, Danny has commissioned his first fursuit with fursuit-maker Cenobear. The fursuit was completed in June 2013 and is known for its exaggerated size. In 2014, the fursuit gained a new head made by Coby Wong.
  • Sally Lauderdale - Danny comissioned Coby Wong for a second fursuit, an original character. Sally is a big and beautiful fox-rabbit and sister of the Danny fursuit. The fat fursuit was premiered in Furboliche IV - Halloween's Furry event, in 2015.


Ursula Mercure and Fox Amoore at Brasil FurFest 2018

Ursula Mercure[edit]

During Brasil FurFest 2018, Danny set a challenge for charity campaign. If the convention raised R$ 2,000 during the first two days he would host the Dance Competition as a Drag Queen. The goal was reached and during the Dance Convention, Danny appeared as a female character with a pink wig. The name was auctioned among the attendees and Ursula Mercure was chosen raising additional R$ 200 for charity. The name Ursula was pick to pay a tribute to the famous chubby character from the Little Mermaid movie and Mercure as a tribute to the hotel where Brasil FurFest is hosted. Due to the buzz of the character, Danny created a twitter and a facebook acount for the character.


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