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Danithunder9, also known as Danieagle7 or Daniel Molina, is a furry fan who lives in Murcia, Murcia, Spain.[1]


Danithunder's fursona, Daxter Molina Santos, is a male anthropomorphic Arctic fox. Created in August, 2014, he stands 5.5' tall, weighs 110lbs, and is easily recognized by his long pointy ears and long muzzle. He has completely white fur, and his favorite food is soup.


Daxter is usually extremely shy, but he also has a very happy personality and is very friendly to the people close to him. He is very lazy, but he will make an effort for the people who he loves. Daxter likes to have several open relationships. He is pansexual, but usually prefers females.


Danithunder9's hobbies include photography, playing video games, and listening to music.


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