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Miss Kitty Mouse.

Miss Kitty Mouse is a fictional mouse character introduced in the 1986 film The Great Mouse Detective. She was voiced by an uncreditted Melissa Manchester.


Miss Kitty Mouse is a mouse covered entirely in white fur, with sapphire-blue eyes and pink lipstick. In terms of clothes, she wears a sky-blue costume with elbow-length, Prussian-blue gloves, dark blue skirt and purple shawl. She also sports a sky-blue garter across her right leg, and wears a pair of matching shoes.


Miss Kitty Mouse appears in only one scene in The Great Mouse Detective, as a singer in a seedy tavern being investigated by the main characters. Her appearance on the stage is purely to calm the violent crowd, during which she sings Let Me be Good to You, dancing suggestively to the audience during her routine.[1] It is because of Miss Kitty's appearance that have led some to brand The Great Mouse Detective as the most risque Disney film ever made.[2]


Miss Kitty Mouse went uncredited in the film, and in some cases, she has been credited as simply Dancing Mouse. However, sources have stated that the character was given the name Miss Kitty Mouse on character sheets[3], and this name has since been used in the film's full credits on various movie websites.[4]


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