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Dan Flahive is a former anthro-cartoonist, who stumbled upon the funny animal comic scene quite by accident in 1988, when he picked up a copy of Steve Gallacci’s Albedo Anthropomorphics at a comic book shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the time, Dan was developing Space Wolf, a sci-fi space opera featuring a cast of genetically engineered animals in a distant galaxy in the far flung future.

For a number of years Dan could be found at the San Diego Comic Con, talking with fans, drawing in their sketchbooks, or hanging around with Jim Groat, and the rest of the Tucson Mob, including the late Michael-Scot McMurry (McMoo). He could also be found in the company of Steve Gallacci, Monika Livingstone and other notable anthro-cartoonists and writers.

Dan’s Space Wolf ran 3 episodes in Albedo. It was picked up as its own title by Antarctic Press for a 4-issue run. Due to a heavy workload at Dan’s real life job, he only completed 2 issues. To this day, Space Wolf languishes in a portfolio in a corner of Dan’s studio, where it’s likely to remain unfinished.

Dan was a member of Rowrbrazzle as well as a contributing artist to other anthro publications such as Yarf!, The American Journal of Anthropomorphics, and Huzzah.

Disgusted with the hijacking of the fandom by the zoophile and plushophile element, Dan left the world of funny animals behind in the late 1990’s. For a while he was a member of Burned Fur, but became disillusioned with their inability to make any major changes in the fandom’s decaying reputation, so he quit Burned Fur, and walked away from funny-animal fandom.

Dan still draws anthro characters, but these days it’s for his own pleasure or the amusement of his family and friends. He lives in Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A., with his wife Tina, and three sons, Dan (Jr.), Josh and Zach.

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