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DanFoxDavies (real name Daniel Steven Davies), more commonly referred to, both within the fandom and sometimes even outside it, just as Danfox (he added his surname to all online presence to avoid confusion) is an anthro red fox furry and therian who lives in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, UK.


Danfox was born and brought up in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He has since lived in numerous places in the UK and Ireland. Danfox graduated from the University of Southampton, UK in 2016 with a BSc in Biochemistry. He is the CEO and founder of Vulpine Designs Ltd at www.vulpinedesigns.com, and has also worked in technical support roles for IT and telephony. He is a founding member of the board of directors and is the vice president of the Freedom of Form Foundation at https://www.freedomofform.org.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Danfox became involved in the fandom in May 2008. At the time, he was living in West Yorkshire and attended the NorthernFur meets periodically throughout the year, starting with the Manchester main meet on May (31st?). Danfox is interested in the transformation aspect of the fandom, and after trying files by other furry hypnotists and not feeling fully satisfied that they would achieve the best results, has produced and used his own transformation hypnosis files. This has led to many requests at Furmorphed for him to record files for other furs; apparently his voice is well suited to the job. More recently all hypnosis - related work is on multi-year and possibly permanent hiatus due to a lack of suitable equipment and lack of a quiet dwelling in which to record, not to mention a lack of time due to pursuing scientific interests with a view to broadening the possibilities of Morphological Freedom. Danfox has dedicated his life and career to the pursuit of a concept which includes Morphological Freedom called 'Freedom of Form' through university education and running a biotechnological and biodesign startup company called Vulpine Designs Unlimited.

Danfox attended Confuzzled 2009, ScotiaCon 2011, 2012 and 2018, and Anthro New England 2019.

Danfox has written a novel, based on transformation, called An Atom Of Freedom. This is finished, having been uploaded in regular 6-chapter chunks during the writing process to Deviantart and Fur Affinity, where his art is also available, and now the book is on sale in dead tree format from lulu.com . Danfox has done many art trades, and picture gifts for friends, and plans to do many more.


The following contains an in-universe depiction.

Danfox's fursona is based on himself as an anthropomorphic red fox. In personality and behaviour, Danfox's fursona is exactly the same as he is in real life. His fursona is 6 feet 1 inch tall, average/slim build, dark brown/almost black headfur (hair), blue vertically slitted eyes, reddish orange fur over most of the body (including ears), exceptions being white fur from muzzle (line from the whiskers behind his black nose) down the neck, chest and belly to groin, white tail-tip (angled so there's more white under the tail than on top - roughly nine inches of white tip underneath to six inches on top), black fur on arms from elbows down to the fingertips (right arm has boundary slightly higher than left) and black fur from halfway up the shins and calf muscles, down to the toe-tips. He stands digitigrade, has a slightly longer than average tail and tends to not lose much fur to shedding in the summer, hence he prefers winter. Danfox regularly enjoys hugging friends and triggering his 'floof reflex' either accidentally or deliberately to poof up his fur. Although his fur looks and feels normal, it's rumoured he has hidden a few genetically engineered quirks in it for resilience and self preservation. Danfox is the fox to come to for all things genetic transformation. He seems to know a thing or two about meditation too, and occasionally alludes to the odd bit of magical knowledge. He intends to get an airship sometime. [[1]]

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