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Dalen the Horse

Dalen Dyson, also known as Nissandriver217 (born April 10, 1997,[1] in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), is a digital artist.

Fursonas and characters[edit]

Dalen has many different fursonas, but is usually shown as an overweight Dutch Angel Dragon named Sparky. His other Fursonas include a Coyote/Fox hybrid who is referred to as "Maximus Coyotox", A Sergal named "Aki", and a black Gypsy Vanner horse Named "Vannerhoss".

Dalen's most well-known OC is an obese Clydesdale mare named Kita. She is seventeen hands high, with a black mane and tail, coffee brown body with white legs, nose and belly, and blue eyes. Kita has a great love for food and is often depicted in a state of inflation or overstuffing, but cannot burst because of a special spell. She is also depicted as overly friendly, shy, gluttonous, ignorant, and naive.

Dalen Retired the character on December 14, 2015 due to loosing interest in her.

Dalen has a Dutch Angel Dragon Character Called "Nux" who serves as Sparky's Sister

Art style[edit]

Sparky, Maximus Coyotox, Aki and Vannerhoss are often depicted in comical states of inflation or overfeeding, but characters are never shown popping or bursting. However, only 34%[citation needed] of Dalen's artwork is themed around inflation and/or weight-gain.

An MS Paint user, Dalen mostly produces character sketches, drawings with simple backgrounds, comics and parody art. His art also includes fanart of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Assassin's Creed, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Smosh.


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