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Daisuke green husky at Eurofurence 15
Daisuke green husky at Eurofurence 16 (2010) pic by Corneilg

Daisuke Miles (born June 24th, 1988) is a fursuiter who lives near Lisbon, Portugal.[1]

Daisuke has been a furry since March 2007. His main fursona is a green husky, and he also has a secondary character, an orange/black wolf called Miles.

Fursuits and conventions[edit]

Daisuke has one fursuit, which depicts his husky fursona. It was built by Don't Hug Cacti and debuted at Eurofurence 15 (2009).[2] This was Daisuke's first convention.

Conventions attended: Eurofurence 15 (2009) and Eurofurence 16 (2010).


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