Daggie Dogfoot

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Daggie Dogfoot. 1982 Puffin Book paperback with the ISBN 0140313915.

Daggie Dogfoot is a book by Dick King-Smith, and like a number of his writings has a pig main character. A Glucestershire Old Spot, Daggie was born the runt (the dag) of the litter, and the opening chapter of Daggie Dogfoot describes the distress of his mother, Mrs Barlylove, and her neighbours. Daggie learns to swim (a skill taught to him by a duck named Felicity) and in time even realises his ambition to fly.

Daggie Dogfoot, illustrated by Mary Rayner, was first published by Victor Gollancz Ltd in 1980. In 1982 it was published in Puffin Books by Penguin.[1] It was later re-published as Pigs Might Fly.


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