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Da-Fox, in his second fursuit, dancing with glowsticks
Da-Fox's first fursuit, debuted (and lost) at FurFright 2008

Da-Fox is a fursuiter from Quebec City, in Canada.

Da-Fox got into the fandom in 2007 by looking for pictures on Google for a school project. He found VCL furry art and discovered those anthropomorphic animals. He immediately got interested in those characters and did some further research about furries and fursuits. By looking on YouTube for furries and fursuits, he found Autumn Vixen and Jaeger Fuchs. This is where his passion for fursuits really took off. He also met Bleis Lupine, the first Quebecer furry he met and talked with. Bleis explaned to him a lot of things about the fandom.

Da-Fox is also a fursuit builder on occasions. He finished his first fursuit in October 2008, right before his first furry convention, FurFright 2008. At the Friday night dance, his fursuit head was stolen from the headless lounge. Shortwave lent him his fursuit, re-dubbed "LittleWave," for the weekend and fursuit parade. Tony Ringtail and many other convention's staff collected over $550 in surprise donations from other attendees to replace the stolen head. The replacement fursuit was built by FirestormSix of Stormfire Studios Canada in 2009, and is Firestorm's first fullsuit commission.

Da-Fox as Shortwave (FF08) aka LittleWave

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