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DJ Vee (born 1990) is an electronic musician from eastern Tennessee. His label is VAWK! Records.

Main Fursona[edit]

DJ Vee is a male anthropomorphic grey wolf with long, black hair, usually kept in a ponytail. Of average build, he typically wears plainer clothes than other fursonas, content with a T-Shirt, jeans and modern moccasin shoes.

Other Fursonas[edit]

DJ Vee also has fursonas for his other aliases, however they've yet to be envisioned on paper. For example, Tanya Atani is a female anthromorphic red fox, with short red hair. Vida Astral, DJ Vee's virtual band project, is composed of primarily felines, wolves and one hyena/wolf mix.


DJ Vee primarily composes music based around samples under his main alias, as seen in songs like I Need Somebody!! (sampling from The Beatles' Help!), Waiting 4 Us (sampling from Lt. M'Ress of Star Trek: The Animated Series) and He's a Doggy! (Call Him Chips) (sampling from Zero Punctuation), leaving much of his original works for his secondary aliases.

  • His Tanya Atani alias was formerly his "dump stat" alias, left aside for songs of a much lower fare like 222 before a fleshing-out and radical genre change to "beautiful", starting with the sequel to 222, 223.
  • Vida Astral primarily composes rock and pop-esque songs, with inspirations stemming from dance music.
  • Woohoo Way was formerly a "one-shot" alias, but was recently revived for "videogame-esque" music and chiptune-based music.
  • Zerstorung is the Gabber/Speedcore alias, and has collaborated at least once with Tanya Atani.
  • zz|onethree was his former main alias, and was also primarily sample-based but also had original songs.

All music is composed mainly on FL Studio versions 5 and 8.

DJ Vee is currently in production of four albums; two under Vida Astal, one under Woohoo Way and two under his main alias. It is currently unknown when they will be released.

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