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DJ Pirtu, as drawn by Kannakin

DJ Pirtu (Ville Pirttimäki; born 1984) is a Finnish furry artist whose fursona is a black and white cat. His name derives from pirtu, a Finnish word referring to a liquid with high concentration (95-96 vol-%[1]) of ethanol.

DJ Pirtu is a long-time fan of the webcomic Jack.



More often than not, while role-playing, DJ Pirtu adopts the character of Lumus, who is either a human or a light brown feline character, with red stripes and hair. He is consistently a weaponsmith or something equivalent, always smiling and often possessing crossed eyes. His mental stability is also often questionable.

In Talla'doon MUCK, Lumus was a werecat. As a weaponsmith character, he was soon promoted as a builder, to provide the players with their original and often bizzare weapons. Later on, not too long before the death of the MUCK, he was promoted to moderator.

Convention attendance

DJ Pirtu has attended several conventions, including:

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