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Demian Jason "DJ" Darkfox is a German furry artist in Saxony. His fursona is an Arctic fox.

Most of the old artwork posted on his galleries are based on re-drawings and colorings (with permission) of the art of Wolfgangcake (Brian Wear), but he does his own characters since early 2008, in a style similar to Wolfgangcake, but working on a more and more own style.

He hardly uploads any art nowadays but still shuts down aspiring artists desires to draw by being an ungrateful prick

Darkfox plays music in private clubs, and also at furry conventions.

He is also known to have a hair trigger temper and will ban users from his DeviantART group Anthro-muscle without warning, he is also rather elitist and hates people who try to draw in his style, he also refuses to help others unless it involves stroking his ego.

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