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DD Otoole is a furry Second Life DJ who lives in New York, USA.[1] He is also known as Darkdragontc (Darkdragon working as well, but with several people also using that name, he added his initials, "tc".)

Second Life[edit]

DD joined Second Life in late December, 2006, after a recommendation by a friend. as well. He was able experience how it works, and picked out his avatar, which was a black and red dragon.

In 2007, DD went around different clubs until he found one that got him inspired him to start DJing. He was already packed with a lot of music, he just needed a way to share it. He found his first gig at a small club called "Top Club", which was filled with a mix of humans and furs alike. The crowd liked his music and voice, and that started his fan-base growing. Sadly, the club did not last long enough and did not had the money left to pay for the land, so it had to close down.

DD was involved with many other clubs that did last for a good number of months, until they closed down as well. However, with the experience he had, he was able to understand and learn how to keep the crowds happy.

DD did had his own club, called "Darkdragon's Club", in 2007-2008. He held events there every month and there was a decent number of people that showed up. This did not last long, however, despite DD putting his heart and soul into it to keep it running as best as he could; when the sim estate owner had to close down in 2008, DD had to close down his club as well.

Finally, DD was able to find the International Yiff Center furry club. He started DJing there in 2010 and kept that going for a number of years. During 2010 to 2015, DD was in and out of three or four different clubs, but IYC was the one he mostly stayed with, until he was recommend at YIFF. DD applied and begin to DJ there as well.

With real life starting to catch up with him, DD he had to cut out the small clubs he was DJing at, but keep the two main ones he had at the end 2015. Sadly, IYC was going through changes during that time and DD had to give up his position there, but at YIFF, DD was pulling off a lot of great sets. He became a DJ Manager there around 2012, alongside SSDKel Resident and BryleeCale Resident. His taks involve handing many different DJs from the around the globe, giving them the chance to DJ and share their music with others.

In addition to playing music, DD occasionally holds contests and special events that sometimes includes money games like Deal or no Deal (SL calls it Deal or Decline).

DD is still djing after 13 years since starting in 2007. He current djing at Club Ren on Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm. Saturdays at Yiff Club 8pm to 10pm, and IYC 6pm to 8pm , all the times in Pacific time.

He also has his 24/7 Radio Station, Link is below.

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