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DDR Furs is an active furry community originally geared towards furries who actively play Dance Dance Revolution. The community started as an idle IRC channel on FurNet by the name of #ddrfurs. At the time, the owner of the channel TigerOfTheWind and Cubbi were the only two members to actively participate in the channel.

After participating in the MFF 2003 DDR Tournament, Jouva decided to create a website to help bring together members of the furry community that play DDR. In December 2003, the website and forums were opened at DDRfurs.com. TigerOfTheWind allowed use of his IRC channel which quickly grew in popularity.

In September 2004, a DDR Furs LiveJournal community was created for members who prefer to use LiveJournal instead of forums.

Around 2009, the website forums got very little activity, the LiveJournal community got some activity, and the IRC channel, while still active and frequented, rarely makes mention of DDR. Many members have moved on to other music and rhythm games such as beatmaniaIIDX, Pop'n Music, DJ MAX Technika or Rock Band. Music games are not the main subject of the channel anymore and it is simply a PG-rated hang-out for members that have been in the channel for a while for their interest in music and rhythm games.

In September 2009, the website became a redirect to the LiveJournal community, due to the low amount of traffic to the website and low amount of maintenance put into the website.

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