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DBruin in suit

DBruin (previously DeviousBruin) is a furry artist and LAFF member. His character is a bear. He is part owner of a furry house with several other furs. He is also a trained Tattoo Artist who has worked at several conventions.

DBruin's artwork is often found in Anthrocon's and Midwest FurFest's conbooks and he designed Midwest FurFest 2002's t-shirt. His and Graveyard Greg's Blind Date was published in FurNation Magazine #7. His art has also appeared in FAP Session #4 to 7.

DBruin was a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2003 as well as the guest of honor reunion at Midwest FurFest 2009. He was also a guest of honor at Oklacon 2004 and IndyFurCon 2010. [1]


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