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Clawy at Texas Furry Fiesta 2016

Clawy, also known as D-Claw or Taijey (b. September 2, 1994),[1] is a furry artist, fursuiter, and cosplayer from Mesquite, Texas, U.S.A. Her fursona is an orange house cat, a toon that is seldom seen without an anvil.

Her fursuit was constructed by More Fur Less and debuted at Texas Furry Fiesta 2016.

As Taijey, she runs her own business, Tai Toon Studios.


While Clawy is her primary fursona, she has an alternate form of her fursona and nine characters.

  • Clawy: In Summer 2019, D-Claw became Clawy and underwent a design change to make her smaller and more toony.
File:Clawy 2019 Ref
  • Clawy Bun
  • Blushabun the Plush Bunny
  • Dish V. Coyote
  • Electron the Isotope Monster Bunny
  • Flannery the Toon Bat
  • Ghost Pepper the Red Panda
  • Helio the Plush Roo
  • Jan the Toon Wolf
  • Kookers the Kookaburra-Woodpecker Hybrid
  • McRatvie/McRatvie the Were-Rat


Clawy has attended:[2]


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