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Cytag was both the name of the IT department and forum related with the former Dutch youth center De Tagrijn (now De Vorstin), in Hilversum, Netherlands. Apart of running the internal Tagrijn and Cytag businesses, it hosted several Dutch furry websites,[citation needed] the Dutchfurs mailinglist,, as well as a forum with related furry topics.


The Cytag was located in the attic of the Tagrijn. The building was burned down by arson in 2007, and demolished
Cytag initial online logo

In 1994, Gerard Lohuis, then manager of the Tagrijn, came up with the idea for a cybercafé as a way to provide internet access for the Tagrijn guests for a fee of 2,50 guilders per 15 minutes. Several regulars offered to volunteer administer the new network: Koed, Pegla (back then known as Simba), Socrates, Piep,Q and Drekhed. The original location of the Cybercafé was located in a lounge area in the attic of the Tagrijn.

In 1998, Cytag opens a staff requested forum (, powered by UBB). The Cytag's Ultimate Bulletin Board became a huge success, with thousands of hits per hour in its heyday, with dozens of topics created hourly, making it difficult for the moderators to keep track.

By 2004 the relations between the Tagrijn staff and the Cytag hit a new low. Arguments on the Cytag Forum that extended well into real life were the main cause of several heated arguments. Slowly the Cytag was becoming less and less relevant in the Tagrijn, with people starting to leave because they felt the Tagrijn staff actively blocked every attempt of the Cytag to innovate.[clarify][citation needed]

Tagrijn/Cytag split[edit]

In 2006 the Tagrijn servers were taken offline, closing the forum, forcing the hosted websites to relocate. During this time, the Dutchfurs mailinglist moved to Google Groups, and was hosted in Pegla's home computer.

New Cytag forums[edit]

In 2006, FoxSan resurrected the Cytag forum (as, as an alternative for the Tagrijn's forum. Unfortunately, part of the old user base did never completely accept the new group of moderators. In 2008, disgruntled users decided to revive the forum, with FoxSan pulling the plug on shortly after.

In 2009, the forum went offline,[clarify] with the domain expiring in 2010.


  • 1994 - 2006 - Cytag operates as Tagrijn's IT department
  • 2006 - 2008 - "" becomes a standalone forum run by FoxSan, Pegla, Mastah, and Birdman
  • 2008 - 2009 - "" (forum) run by Cyclops and Koed

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