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CynWolfe, formerly known as Arctic|Pete, is a furry fan who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He has previously lived in the Australian cities of Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

Fandom involvement[edit]

In 2007, CynWolfe helped organize the Melbourne in December Fur Meet. He was also Chairman for MiDFur X in 2008, where it was decided to use a convention format. He continued to serve as the chairman until 2012, being the longest-running head of MiDFur, when MIDFur was replaced by ConFurgence, where he is also the con's chairman.

After concerns over the handling of MiDFur's funds,[clarify] Pete founded the not-for-profit Australian Furry Association (AUSFA) to handle the convention's financial transactions.

CynWolfe is the CEO of Australian Fandom Conventions, the parent company for ConFurgence, FurWAG and A Very Furry Halloween. CynWolfe was inducted into the Furry Hall of Fame in 2010 by fellow 2010 inductee Jenner.[citation needed]

Furry Hall of Fame[edit]

Main article: Furry Hall of Fame

In 2008, CynWolfe conceived the annual worldwide furry fandom award, the Furry Hall of Fame, with its first induction being held that year at MiDFur X.


CynWolfe's fursona is a gothic Arctic wolf.


While it was widely unknown until ConFurgence 2015, CynWolfe is the owner of Narcissus, the white liger fursuit, produced by ByCats4Cats. Narcissus made his debut at Anthrocon 2014. CynWolfe revealed himself as the suiter during the Closing Ceremony after months of teasing, including having decoys perform in Narcissus, and having carefully staged photographs with himself and Narcissus in the same photo.[citation needed]

Convention attendance[edit]

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