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Author(s) Mandy Seley
Update schedule Sundays
Launch date April 8, 2012
End Date Ongoing
Genre Real-Life Humor

Curtailed is a webcomic that is drawn and written by Mandy Seley about humorous events involving herself and her husband, Fox[1]. While most of the comics center around the two of them there are numerous comics that involve other people from their lives made into anthropomorphic animals.


The comic, while centering around Mandy and her husband Fox, has featured real life friends, family, and associates of the two. Mandy's parents have been in a few along with a college professor who upon hearing of the comic requested the hard-copies of the pages that he was featured in to put on display. The name itself was a result of brainstorming that ended with the name "Curtailed" as a reference to the nature of the comic.[2] The way that each page of the comic takes moments from their lives and breaks them down to a few panels is what makes the comic itself curtailed. The obvious inclusion of the word tail in a furry comic name was also a contributing factor, albeit to a lesser degree then the nature of the word itself.


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