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Curly Fride, is a Second Life furry most notable for the introduction of Pony avatars to SL.[1]

Second Life[edit]

Curly's fursona is a ginger tabby cat. He also formerly represented himself as a grey tabby cat with ultraviolet markings (although he typically represented his colorations with a color somewhere between blue and purple). While involved in the Brony community, Curly's avatar was represented as a grey pegasus, and was a frequent guest of the Trotsdale sim.

Furry Plateau[edit]

Curly initially got into the furry fandom in Summer of 2007 through the Furry Plateau group in Teen Grid Second Life, where he became an active member of the small teens-only furry community. He released a series of cat and fox avatars before turning 18 and being transferred to the SL Main Grid in 2008.

MCM combat[edit]

Shortly after being transferred to main grid in 2008, Curly got involved with BTCM Combat Sims (renamed MCM in 2010) a mech combat simulator. He developed most of the animations that are in use by the system, and several of mechs and weapons.

Brony House[edit]

In February 2011 Curly released a beta version of a Pony avatar in Second Life. The avatar proved to be greatly popular, with over 1000 copies being distributed in the first two weeks.[2]

With the sudden influx of bronies into second life and no place to meet, he converted his house into a meeting ground where bronies could meet and hang out. The addition of the phrase "Please refrain from any sexual activity" to the land's description caused Brony House to land a position in third most popular place when one did an in-world search for "sex."

Brony House remained open through 2017, despite being moved many times. The last location was on the West coast of Echo.


In early July 2011, Curly's Gmail account was hacked and used to get into his Second Life account. The hackers released all of his creations with full permissions in a group notice and then deleted his entire inventory. Among the items released was all of the progress he'd made on the beta pony until that point.

After Linden Labs investigated, most of the Bronyville admin accounts were suspended or deleted, leading to rumors that Curly had orchestrated the whole incident in order to take over the Bronyville group and sim. It was later revealed however that the removed admins had affiliations with Woodbury University, a group well-known for griefing and trolling.[3]

Curly was demoted from being a group founder to being a regular member. He still released the full Version 1 of his pony avatar despite the setback.


Curly Fride was a moderator for the FurNation group in Second Life from 2011 through 2015. In 2015 he announced that he was currently working on Version 2 of the pony avatar, along with a return to developing for the MCM combat sims. He largely abandoned the Pony and MCM projects due to waning interests, and released an open-sourced version of the Pony avatar. Most of Curly's projects after 2017 were small architectural projects for friends.


In November 2019, Curly joined VRChat, becoming a minor player in the Shiba Squad community, notable for being one of the few felines in the group.


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