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Cub Central is a website for sharing and uploading cub art and stories. Many of the works on Cub Central are erotica, so the interface features a rating system which allows users to control what kind of content they can see. The website is owned by Nicol Firefox, and maintained by him with help from Ben Raccoon (maintainer of the Treehouse). As of September 2013, Nicol, Ben and others host mirrors of the site in New Zealand, Ohio, California and Illinois; however, the site is largely stagnant.

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Cub Central grew out of a conversation in the Treehouse between Nicol Firefox and Trickster in early 2000. Nicol offered server space on his personal computer, as it was located in New Zealand and considered exempt from the Communications Decency Act. As the site became more popular it quickly outgrew the New Zealand server's limited bandwidth, and mirror sites were added, though sometimes not fast enough to meet demand, leading to patchy availability and several extended outages; the most recent being November 2005.

The site was debated on after being posted to the Portal of Evil on 6 April 2001 following several previous newsgroup mentions. It contained 5591 pictures and 897 stories as of 15 October 2009, although several galleries were later removed.

Posting tailed off from 2007 with the rise of Fur Affinity, and had largely ceased as of 2012, with most active artists and writers ultimately moving to Inkbunny.

April Fools[edit]

On 1 April 2008 the site announced that it had become part of the "IPV6 porn project". Users with IP version 4 were unable to access the site directly and were told to upgrade their connections by contacting their ISP or access the site through other methods, such as the redirector. Access via IPv4 was resumed on 2 April, although IPv6 support remains operational.

On the subsequent year's April Fools Day, visitors to the site were asked to submit a photo ID via webcam - or failing that, by upload - in order to comply with unspecified laws.

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