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Genre social networking and art site
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cubAffinity was a proposed website meant to serve as an art site and social networking hub for the cubfur and littlefur subculture of the furry fandom as well as the furry friendly segment of the "Littles" community.

Some controversy exists because a fair number of individuals believe that the site was created as a direct reaction to Fur Affinity's November 24, 2010, ban on cub art with adult themes. However,

1. The cubaffinity user account on Fur Affinity was created on November 21st, 2009 04:48.

2. The domain name for was registered/purchased at GoDaddy on 2009-11-25.

3. Trial run sites where attempted on ning and no less than 6 months and safely no more than 9 months prior to Fur Affinities ban on cub porn. See and

4. Agreements for the site to be run on the servers that still host it were finalized the evening of November 13th into the morning hours of the 14th, 10 days prior to Fur Affinity's announcement concerning the change in TOS concerning cub porn.

In a November 2010 post to cubAffinity, bosspup describes

cubAffinity is not attempting to compete with FurAffinity, we aim to be a generally small focused community of individuals who identify with being “cub” furs or individuals who hold some degree of fondness for “cubs”. As such this is neither a site to be used by those who wish only to utilize the site for general entertainment nor the general furry fandom. All participants in our community must be a cub or someone who enjoys their presence and / or somehow directly supports the community / sub-culture.[1]

Although cubAffinity announced that its grand opening was supposed to be about a year ago, as of October 6, 2013, they have not reached operational status.

Although between Nov 2010 and Feb 2011 cubAffinity received over 200 account requests, most Fur Affinity members affected by the ban on cub porn actually remained on Fur Affinity, and there was a notable exodus that migrated to Inkbunny or remained on FA and opened up an account on IB.


  1. Welcome to cub Affinity. Retrieved August 28, 2011.

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