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Crumainum is a furry adult flash game created by Sanctioned13 and is an ongoing project that was started early 2017 and is currently being worked on.

Basic Info[edit]

Crumainum is a simple 2D flash game featuring tile to tile movement and basic rpg style game play and features furry and mature content heavily.


There are actually three types of "enemy" mentalities, ally, neutral and aggressive, allies will try to help you, neutral will do nothing to you and off course aggressive will attack or try to rape the player.

  • Bondage Rodent: A small yet ferocious rodent bound in leather, drops ball gag as an item and is usually passive to the player, first enemy added to the game and features a mini sex game when over aroused.
  • Slime: A sentient goop of green splooge that takes on the form of various phallus inn it's mini game, drops green goo when killed or over aroused.
  • Mini Slime: A smaller counterpart of the larger slime that splits off from its main body when the slime dies.


Items are objects you can pickup or purchase and come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and uses.


  • Dagger: A short blade that causes minimal damage.
  • Hatchet: A short axe used to chop down trees.


  • Buckler: A small wooden and iron shield.


  • Health Vial: A small vial of red liquid that can be made from Vital Petals and an empty vial, can be consumed to regain a small portion of lost life.
  • Mana Vial: A small potion to restore lost mana.
  • Xp Crystal: A rare gem that once consumed gives the player more levels.



  • Vital Petal: A small red flower used to craft healing potions.

Map Maker[edit]

There is a built in map maker where players can create their own levels, this was originally designed just to make level design easier on the developer but was left to be open to the public until further release.