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CrssaFox, also known as Carissa St. Clair (nee Haan) has been a part of the furry fandom since 1996. What started off as text-based roleplaying with friends on Redwall MUCK led to drawing her characters and uploading artwork. In 2003, she began making her characters into fursuits.

Real life[edit]

CrssaFox is currently living in Florida, near Jacksonville. She is married to Silverdark, also known as Joe, whom she met on Redwall MUCK in early 1997. She is not very active in the Florida Furs community, as she keeps busy working full time, but she occasionally attends larger events like Furloween.


CrssaFox always attends Furry Weekend Atlanta and Megaplex close to home. She attended Mephit Fur Meet in 2006 and 2007, and has attended Anthrocon, Rocket City Furmeet and Midwest Furfest in the past.

At Mephit Furmeet 11, her design was chosen as the winner for the front of the annual convention t-shirt.

Costumes and fursuits[edit]

Adorablefoxie banner.jpg

CrssaFox is a fursuit maker, having created many costumes. She started making them for herself, and eventually started taking commissions on a full-time basis.

She also makes ears and tails and sells them at various events, including anime, furry, and sci-fi conventions.

As of July 2009, CrssaFox began her professional costuming business, AdorableFoxie. She makes custom fursuits, as well as other costuming pieces.

Her child-sized wolf tail was featured in the October issue of "Cookie" Magazine as part of an easy DIY "Max" costume from "Where the Wild Things Are.""[1]


CrssaFox and her husband, Silverdark, have a jewelry business called Frozen Forge. Frozen Forge makes an appearance at various conventions across the southeastern United States, including anime and gaming cons as well as furry cons. Frozen Forge is beginning to expand to reenacting and LARP events as well, having attended the St. Augustine Pirate Gathering and the Amtgard Golden Leaves Hafla in 2009.

Frozen Forge specializes in chain maille jewelry and is known for making custom pieces during conventions.


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