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A picture of Crowchild taken in late 2006

Crowchild is an artist from Long Island, NY and founder of HTH Studios (formerly Pendragon Entertainment), and is the creator of the flash game High Tail Hall. Crowchild is also the creator of Rio, a wolf/fox character who he has said he is developing a DVD project around, though despite beginning it in 2006 no visible progress had been made as of September 2012.

His new site has been extensively updated since February 2011, but most activity occurs on his Fur Affinity account. According to several posts on his Fur Affinity user page, he has failed to deliver on several pre-paid projects. Since reappearing in February, some of these commissions have been completed.

High Tail Hall[edit]

Crowchild is best known for the creation of the Flash game High Tail Hall. He gained massive exposure in late 2004, when he launched the project directly onto Newgrounds flash portal. Since then, High Tail Hall has gained over 8 million hits.

High Tail Hall 2 undergoes periodic updates and expansions, the newest is a second incomplete revamp of the original game this year and has new characters and locations, but remains largely broken, with very few updates currently being made as of October 2011. The website which hosts the game,, was down as of 24 December 2011, with progress being demonstrated on LiveStream; but it is up as of May 2013.

The website has now been up for several years and has seen a drastic increase in both quantity and quality of content. As of January 2017, a policy change reduced the amount of free content on the website while making the majority of the content exclusive to gold members.

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