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The official Croatian paws logo, composed of a paw inscribed into a circular pleter.

Association of Croatian Paws (Croatian: Udruga Hrvatske šape) or just Croatian Paws, is a furry non-profit organization and social group that is open to all adult furries that reside within Republic of Croatia and expatriates living in other countries.


On March 25, 2023, the Croatian Paws Association was formally founded and adopted its statute.[1]As of January 2024, Croatian Paws have 30 full-fledged members and roughly the same number of associate members (the official registration at the national level is pending}.

Although Croatian Paws and the similar Croatian furry social group, CroFurs, have a significant overlap in membership, they're separate groups and shouldn't be mistaken one for another.

The current president of the association is Zrin.


The association organizes monthly furmeets every third (or fourth in case of a bad weather event) Saturday of a given month, averaging around one to two dozen attendees. There are plans for a proper Croatian furry convention in the future.

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