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CrisisAbort, also know as Anir and CarbonHating, is an furry artist who lives in Dunedin, Florida, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

CrisisAbort officially entered the furry fandom and community (with Anir as his fursona), in late 2007. He is a member of Fur Affinity and deviant ART as well as other galleries.

He attended Elliott's Spring Gathering in 2007, Anthrocon 2009 and Elliott's in 2010.


His character is a female of a fictional species, Melodyr (music-reindeer).


The character's main fur color is medium-brown, has medium-sized antlers that are dark-brown, a odango and two ahoge, purple eyes, and a purple nose. Markings include dark brown fingertips, a light-yellow face with three small dark brown dots on left side of face, and light-yellow areas on the hands, a stripe on each arm, a stripe on each lower-leg, horizontal markings on the belly, derriere and part of the hind-tail.

Being a melodyr, Anir's design has quite a few references or implications to an involvement with music. Her pupils are in the shape of Eighth Notes, as well as her belly-markings are a reference to the musical scale[1] with a whole-note-looking mark on the 'A' space. She is also commonly seen wearing bells, or playing a musical instrument.

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Anthrocon - 2009


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