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Creatures and Creations is a fursuit making team that Laura Stuart aka Lauralioness started with her now husband Michael McLain back in 2012. Working together, they have a combined 20+ years of experience of making, repairing, and refurbishing fursuits!

Besides being the owner operator of CNC, Laura is also the lead concept artist for a video game firm and applies her wealth of skill and knowledge in that field to making awesome costumes and artwork! She has been an avid artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil Over the years she has been actively involved in both graphic design, traditional, and performing arts, and more recently has applied these creative design talents to making costumes that have both the character and the performer in mind, with the best visual appeal.

My husband, Michael McLain, has been an avid fursuit builder and performer since 1993, when he made his first fursuit costume. Over the years he has honed his building and performing skills by making not only suits for his own personal use, but for charity, commissions, and educational organizations. Michael has been engineering suits to take into consideration durability, As so many suits are used for a while then tossed aside. Besides some of his own suits, there are multiple suits still running around to this day that are over 16 years old!

There website can be found Here Facebook Youtube Instagram