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CraftyCord (born June 6)[1] is a falconer and a student artist from the United Kingdom[1] who specialises in drawing cartoons. Her character is a griffin called Chloé with a natural colored head, light blue body and turquoise wings. The bird part of the griffin is a Siberian Eagle Owl. CraftyCord does art in many medias, digital and traditional and will use whatever she can get her hands on to do art.


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Clufi is a species created by CraftyCord. They have thin like dragon bodies. Paws and very long tails. They are always fluffy and never have wings. Clufi can not use any supernatural powers. However they naturally are very agile and move very fast.

Things typically found on clufi are horns, fur, patterns speerating body parts and a tail coloured differently to the head and legs.

This species is CLOSED currently.


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