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A costume is a special set of clothes or decorations for the body designed for a special purpose and not intended for everyday wear, as with street or work clothes. The disguise, a kind of costume designed to conceal the identity of the wearer, is perhaps the most commonly thought of form of costume.

[edit] Costumes in furry

For various reasons, furry fans and lifestylers look to costumes as a way to connect with their characters, act out a fantasy, or entertain others. The fursuit is the kind of costume associated with furry fandom more than any other, but it is not the only kind in use. Less elaborate constructions involving such items as leotards, body paint, and false ears and tails are also common. In 1986, fursuiter Pup E. Dog constructed an English Sheepdog suit[1] from masking tape, paper tubes, and strips of newsprint. Years later, at Mephit Furmeet 2001, a certain very well-known furry fan, billing himself as "The Unknown Furry," constructed "the world's cheapest fursuit" out of a brown paper bag, a sign, and a length of rope.[citation needed]

[edit] References

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