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This page is about the UK wolf. There is also a snow leopard in the UK with the same name, CosmoSnowmew, and a leopard, Cosmos.

Cosmo (born October 27, 1983[1][2] is a British fursuiter who lives in Stafford in the West Midlands region of England.[2]


Cosmo's fursona is a wolf. Cosmo very nearly ended up with "Cosmo" as his real life name, as his uncle was nagging his mother to call him that. His mother picked a much more sensible name for the 1980's, but Cosmo adopted the name as his online handle.

Cosmo has since found out that he is not the only Cosmo in the fandom, and there is another in the United States (with a different species). For this reason, Cosmo sometimes lengthens his name to Cosmo Wolf.


Cosmo first became aware of the fandom in late 2005, before joining it properly in early 2006. His first meet was in Bristol in January, 2006, where he met a few new friends. In January, 2007, he went to his first NorthernFurs meet in Chester and has tried to regularly attend the northern meets ever since.

In November, 2007, he finally got his first (and only, as of June 2008) fursuit. Also called Cosmo, the fursuit was constructed by P Pardus.[3] The costume had actually been in the country since October but got held up in Customs. The following day, Cosmo took his fursuit to Manchester and promptly lost one of the claws on his footpaws.

In 2008, Cosmo became a member of staff at the UK's (and his) first furcon, ConFuzzled, which was held at Manchester International Youth Hostel between 20th and 23th June. He manages the Dealer's Den.[1]

Real life[edit]

In real life, Cosmo is a checkout operator at a Tesco Extra store in the West Midlands. He lives with his partner, Twll.


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