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Corri Yammari or just "Corri" is a babyfur, artist, DJ, dancer, the owner and creator of "The Yammari Depot", Electronic Dance Music Composer, Second Life resident and officer of several groups, and frequent panelist at Anthrocon.

Personal History[edit]

Corri, birth name identified only as "Drew" except to close friends; was born in November 1990 in Pennsylvania. He is cited to have been in a few accidents in the past that have contributed to his "funny walk", size, and health problems. Corri got into the furry fandom at the age of fourteen after seeing art by Jade Fox on a webforum. Before this point Corri was in-fact a troll. He has since left this behind to make a great number of contributions to the furry community especially the Second Life, World of Warcraft, and Babyfur communities. He owns and operates a Second Life business that caters to babyfurs (Yammari depot), specifically. He also sell's his own creations for a larger audience such as homes and textures on the "Marketplace" that sell for much cheaper then the norm. Corri is also a staff member of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum of SL.

In 2009, he left home to move to Minnesota, recently however he has been forced due to family issues to return to PA.

He is currently planning to attend college for a degree in design.

Second Life[edit]

Corri known as Corri Dawodu on SL, was an officer officer at Misfit Cubs, a babyfur sim. His business: The Yammari Depot produces works for the babyfur community including: backpacks, clothes, diapers, furniture, and plenty of freebie gadgets. Most items sold by the Yammari Depot are $L100 or less. This is a price that is felt necessary because of the unfairness Corri feels newbies get when shopping for items, and also the exorbitant rates of other peoples items.

Corri was formerly an admin of Cub Conclave(2008-2009) until a fight with Raven Welesa. Corri, disgruntled left to build his own sim named "The Starlight Age" which subsequently failed due to the owner of the sim that it was being leased from selling the land to another user. Rollar Voom, would later form Misfit Cubs and enlist Corri as an officer.

Corri became a staff member for the Frank Lloyd Wright virtual museum of SL after winning two consecutive "Build Offs" to build SL homes styled after Wright's Works.


Corri has had many scuffles with other furs, primarily due to his narcissistic attitude and abrasive personality.

Some major disputes were held over Second Life intellectual property, involving SilverWulf Dryke and Little Paws Kreations.

One of the greatest controversies involves the events leading to his breakup with Toyapup, in which he responded to a fake suicide threat by calling the police "for his safety," spread malicious rumors about his close friends (mostly characterizing them as sexual predators), and borrowed money for a visit which was never paid back (but that instead funded his trip to AnthroCon), all within a span of about five days.

He has been banned from a fair number of furry/babyfur-oriented websites, typically for slander, bashing, posting private logs, and inciting or perpetuating drama, though the individual reasons will vary per case.


Corri's art typically consists of "Pin up" style shots, over sized badges, and use of emotional symbolism. He cites himself as a "Traditional Artist" rather then an illustrator due to his choice in mediums, which even so he frequently uses markers but avoids "cartoonist" use of them. His style is influenced by Classic Disney, such as Oliver and company, Fox and the Hound, and The Lion King.

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